Monday, July 23, 2018

Sunday, July 22

Various groups from Presbyterian Churches in our area met up at the Pittsburgh Airport this afternoon for the first leg of our journey, a flight from Pittsburgh to Dallas.  Our thoughts and prayers should be with Erica, who due to an unfortunate accident was not able to join us.   Her parents also stayed home to help her out.   May God heal you soon. The trip was not too eventful, no stormy weather and not even a rain drop. It was mostly sunny (once at cruising altitude) with a mix of clouds.  Our skillful pilots were able to avoid the several stormclouds visible out the windows.  God Bless Them!  My seatmate was a young lady by the name of Gracie (not in our group,) very nice, she even traded seats with me so I could have the window view.  She completed all 3 soduku puzzles in just the time it took to get to Dallas.  She didn’t mind me pointing out various interesting features out the window, when the ground was not too obscured by clouds.  May God continue to bless you Gracie.

  Thanks for our group “Shepherds,” who valiantly led us lost “Sheep” thru the huge and confusing Dallas Airport, which made Pittsburgh’s look like a kid’s playground.  A flight delay for the 2nd plane allowed some of us to enjoy our dinner at one of the many eateries.  The sky was sunny though variable hazy from Dallas to our final stop Corpus Christi.  This time Katie (also a newbie to flying) was my seatmate.  Thanks for being so nice to me, and waiting till the end to fall asleep.    Our plane touched down as the sun was setting, how pretty.  This airport is rather small, and it took us hardly any time to make our way outside,  where our transportation arrived within 20 minutes.  We soon felt the true heat and humidity present in even the Texas evening.   I rode in the van driven by Bill.  I was in the back.  And between us were several teenage drama queens.  God Bless us All!

   After a somewhat bumpy ride we made it to our host church, Parkway Presbyterian.  During a dinner of pizza we introduced ourselves, then Doug led our devotions.  Carmen and Donna and Elvis went to the nearby Wal-Mart for the weekly food supplies while the rest of us prepared to go to bed.  Goodnite everybody and God Bless, and spend those pennies like crazy.

    Clark T, staff journalist.

(Most of) Our Group at Pittsburgh airport

I doubt we'll be doing much relaxing....

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